Biochemistry Laboratory
Biochemistry Laboratory

Private Olimpos Hospital Laboratory provides service in the private check-up profiles by making different analyses in variable body samples, screening tests during the pre-pregnancy and in the comprehension of the preventive medicine, in the detection of the risk belonging to the diseases which will develop presently or in the future, the diagnosis in the presence of disease symptoms and the follow-up of the effectiveness of the treatment applied to help the clinician twenty-four-seven.

Our laboratory has been organized with the systems of the firms securely used in the laboratories all over the world in order to provide service according to the world standards and the criteria of quality, and it has been complied with the suggestions of the American Clinic Laboratory Standards Committee in the whole studies carried out. In addition to the regular studies of internal quality control, the external quality control programmes have been applied as well with the aim of testing the repeatability and accuracy of the tests studied in our laboratory.

The bloodletting has been quickly and hygienically realized by the bloodletting technicians educated through the disposable vacuumed tube system. The medical wastes have been destroyed with a Standard procedure in order to preserve the health of the staff and the environment.

The pneumatic tube transportation system has been used all around the hospital so as to quickly and securely transmit the patient samples to the laboratory. All the test results belonging to the patients have been indefinitely archived in our hospital’s data processing system and the results directed to the past can be reached when it is necessary.